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Building Al-Awd Road.

Pure Hands contributed to the construction of Al-Awd Road in Ibb Governorate, which benefits and directly touches the lives of 4,900 people.

Public Bathroom Rehabilitation.

Public Bathroom Rehabilitation was one of the projects undertaken by the Reconstruction Sector of Pure Hands. This project was implemented in Ibb governorate in 2018, to the benefit of over 300 people.

Schools Rehabilitation.

Pure Hands believes that every child has the right to complete their education. To that end, Pure Hands began a School Rehabilitation Project with the aim of providing students with equal access to safe and protective learning spaces. Emphasis was placed on having safe, hygienic, and wellmaintained buildings that provide environments conducive to learning and working. Two schools, one in Ibb Governorate and another in Taiz governorate, were rehabilitated in 2018. A total of 1,360 students benefitted from this project.

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Every Donation Saves Lives.

In 2018, Pure Hands contributed to improving food availability to the most vulnerable groups by distributing ready meals for them.
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