Our Programs.

Pure Hands has played a substantial role in providing various programs to many people in different areas; including Food Security, Health, Livelihood, WASH, Protection, Capacity Building, Reconstruction, and Seasonal Projects. To improve the lives of the millions of Yemenis devastated by the crisis in Yemen by providing access to basic life needs: food, water, medicine, and local services.
Food Security

Focuses on food security (food basket distribution) across the country.


In delivering primary health care services.


Aim to assist communities and individuals.


Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) PROJECTS.


Delivered emergency assistance to internally displaced.

Child Protection

Pure Hands implements the following famine prevention.

Capacity Building

Partnerships with the national and international organization in capacity building is a central priority.


Delivered emergency assistance to internally displaced by the ongoing conflict

Seasonal Projects

Essential components to ongoing Pure Hands humanitarian support and operations.

Domestic Projects

Helps Americans who are in need and help them live a decent life.

Every Donation Saves Lives.