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Housing Project

This project seeks to build houses for IDPs. This will help reduce their suffering and allow them to live a dignity life.

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Blessed tree waqf

Your distinguished Waqf investment opportunity.
A productive olive tree at least ten years old, planted on an area of 33 square meters in Turkey, one of the best olive oil producing countries in the world. 

With an annual investment return of 20% spent on support for higher education to qualify talented and distinguished Yemenis in international universities and prepare them as leaders for the future.

Pure Hands 2019 Impact report

In the face of the urgent humanitarian crisis, Pure Hands, with the support of generous and kind donors, has committed its efforts to provide immediate help to the people who need it in Yemen. In 2019 alone, Pure Hands delivered food, clean water, and medicine to more than 1 Million beneficiaries across Yemen. Your support and generosity made that possible.


Pure Hands is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that delivers humanitarian aid to those in need in Yemen. Pure Hands intervention focuses on alleviating poverty, providing economic opportunities, and delivering emergency relief.

Pure Hands was established in 2012 in the United States operating through offices across the U.S., in Texas, New York, California, and Michigan. Pure Hands delivers its relief programs through two field offices in Yemen; Sana’a and Aden.

Our Programs.

Pure Hands has played a substantial role in providing various programs to many people in different areas; including Food Security, Health, Livelihood, WASH, Protection, Capacity Building, Reconstruction, and Seasonal Projects. To improve the lives of the millions of Yemenis devastated by the crisis in Yemen, Pure Hands provides access to basic life needs such as food, water, and medicine.

Food Security

Focuses on food security (food basket distribution) across the country.


In delivering primary health care services.


Aim to assist communities and individuals.


Water, Sanitation And Hygiene (WASH) PROJECTS.


Delivered emergency assistance to internally displaced.

Child Protection

Pure Hands implements the following famine prevention.


Supporting the education sector with its needs.

Capacity Building

Partnerships with the national and international organization in capacity building is a central priority.


Delivered emergency assistance to internally displaced by the ongoing conflict

Domestic Projects

Helps Americans who are in need and help them live a decent life.

Latest Reports.

Annual Report 2018

Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis.

The devastating conflict in Yemen, now in its fifth year, has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and led to a dire situation where nearly 80% of the 30 million Yemeni population requires some form of humanitarian assistance and protection.

Become a Volunteer.

Pure Hands wants people who support our humanitarian mission to be part of the solution by volunteering. Applicants will go through a short interview and training process. The information provided on the application is confidential and will help us provide you with the volunteering opportunity that best fits you.

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