Pure Hands plays a vital role in delivering primary health care services through its health sector programs. Health intervention aims to provide access to primary healthcare, improve the response to emergencies, and help to prevent diseases.
Pure Hands Provides the following health services:
  • Medicine, medical supplies, and equipment.
  • Health facilities rehabilitation.
  • Prevention and control of cholera outbreaks and other transmitted diseases.
  • Financial assistance to low-income patients who need medical treatment abroad.


Pure Hands has played an important role in the field of health. The aim behind Pure Hands’ health interventions is to increase access of the most vulnerable groups to basic health services. Over the period from January through December of 2018, Pure Hands implemented different health activities, including distribution of medicines, rehabilitation of hospitals and health facilities, operating health facilities and providing individual medical assistance. A total of 1,022,766 people benefitted from these interventions, with a total cost of $33,958,215


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Medical Supplies and Equipment.

The Medical Supplies Equipment, funded by four international organizations working in USA (United Mission Relief, World Medical Relief, Amoud Foundation and Advocates for World Relief) have been considered the largest project implemented by Pure Hands
The project aimed to improve the health situation in hospitals and health facilities by providing medicines, supplies, furniture, disability chairs and nutrition supplements. In total, 183,594 people have benefitted from this project.
The projects were implemented in Abyan, Lahj, Taiz, Aden and Shabwah Governorates.

Rehabilitation of Hospitals and Health Centers.

Current conflict has destroyed much of the country’s public infrastructure, including health facilities. Pure Hands has an active role in the rehabilitation of hospitals and other health facilities. The aim of this project is to enhance the quality of healthcare services in these health facilities. Pure Hands is adding an additional floor to a health center in Al-Matheel sub-district in the Al-Dhale Governorate.

Donation Options

Every Donation Saves Lives.

Pure Hands has assisted many hospitals and medical centers throughout Yemen by providing emergency medical care. To date, we have helped more than 1.3 million beneficiaries in Yemen.

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