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COVID19 Updates.

As of 20 June, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Yemen had reached 926, with 255 related deaths and 330 recoveries. Men constitute 75 per cent of reported cases. All indications suggest that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly across the country. (OCHA, June 2020)
Yemen’s first COVID-19 case was confirmed on 10 April in Hadramout Governorate. By May 21 additional cases have been reported in Aden, Taiz, Sana’a and Hadramout Governorates, bringing the total number of confirmed cases announced to 278 with 57 total death. Of these, there have been four deaths and one recovery. On 05 May, authorities in the north confirmed the first COVID-19 case in Sana’a, a Somali refugee who had died.  
Last month the United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, appealed to Yemen’s warring parties to implement an immediate humanitarian cease-fire to help stave off the threat from Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.

pure hands intervention.

Pure Hands moves quickly and supported hospital and medical centers in Yemen to combat COVID19 by donating face masks, gloves, and many other supplies and equipment. 

Help prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Yemen.

Support our mission and donate generously.

covid19 equip

SUpport the health providers

Support us to provide the health providers with Basic Personal Protective Equipment which includes:

N-95 Mask with Respirator

Surgical Mask

Face Shield

Full Gown

$85 Can Provide A Physician (Or Health Provider) With Equipment For One Month​

Water wells.

Lots of Yemeni people face scarcity of water or are unable to access clean and safe drinking water. To help solve this problem, Pure Hands supplies clean and safe drinking water to several districts in Yemen.

Help us to provide a permanent source of water by sponsor a water well or give a share of it.

The estimated cost for one water well in Yemen is $35,000

Blessed Tree Waqf

An ongoing Waqf investment in Turkey by investing in a more than ten year-old productive olive tree that extends over a surface area of 33 square meters of land for each tree

Why Consider The Olive Tree?​

  • The olive tree is a blessed and perennial tree mentioned in the Holy Quran, and it has a lifespan of hundreds of years, and the value and quality of its products increase as it ages and becomes more durable.
  • The increasing rate of demand and consumption of olive oil worldwide. 
  • The high price of olive oil relative to other oils due to its nutritional and health value.
  • Turkey is the one of the largest producer of olive trees in the world, and it is one of the first three countries to produce and export olive oil globally

Your Endowment Investment Document

You get a Wakf investment certificate that defines the specific location of the tree, the location of the farm in which it is located, and its serial number associated with the tree. The certificate is issued and sent to you as soon as we complete the purchase and the documentation is processed with the Turkish government

How are investment returns disbursed?

Caring for rising talents and distinguished leaders of the future. The returns from the Blessed Tree investment are used to subsidize a mentorship programs for a selected pool of talented and distinguished university and specialized higher education students aimed at nurturing and developing the next wave of future leaders

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