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The devastating conflict in Yemen, now in its fifth year, has created the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and led to a dire situation where nearly 80% of the 30 million Yemeni population requires some form of humanitarian assistance and protection.
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Million Refugees + Displaced
The situation in Yemen reached a tipping point in 2015, culminating in the chain of events which led to Yemen’s current humanitarian crisis. This crisis has hit the most needy people the hardest. Oftentimes food, water, and basic medical or municipal services are unavailable because of the destruction wrought by the conflict in many towns and cities.
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Million Lack Access to Clean Water
A Child Dies Every 10 Minutes
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Unemployment Rate
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of Population Need Humanitarian Assitance


Pure Hands works with 35 local partners operating throughout Yemen following the international humanitarian principles. Pure Hands works with several partners in the U.S. and is a member of the Humanitarian Alliance for Yemen (HAY), which includes United Mission Relief, MidGlobal and Project Hope. HAY coalition aims to raise awareness about the situation in Yemen and encourage international humanitarian organizations to alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.